The Syria Justice and Accountability Centre envisions a Syria defined by justice, respect for human rights, and rule of law — where citizens from all components of Syrian society live in peace. We are tirelessly working to ensure that human rights violations in Syria are comprehensively documented and preserved for use in transitional justice. 

Justice will require comprehensive documentation of human rights violations. That’s why our team works in and around Syria to document atrocities committed by all parties of the conflict. SJAC has collected over 500,000 government security documents, hundreds of interviews with survivors, and 800,000 videos, and our team has assessed and labeled more than 340,000 pieces of data. We preserve, analyze, and directly share this documentation with War Crimes Units and UN mechanisms to support justice efforts.

How will your gift make a difference?

As we enter the tenth year of conflict in Syria, impunity continues for major human rights violations, including mass displacement, arbitrary detention, and property violations. 

We need to shed light on injustice and break the cycle of violence and impunity. We need to prosecute perpetrators, provide redress to victims, and establish a historical narrative.

With your support, together we can pursue justice and accountability for victims and their families.

By donating to SJAC, you help our small team continue to promote justice and accountability in Syria. Private donations provide us the financial flexibility we need to react to an ever changing conflict.